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mbgbeernutsSpreading the Gospel of Better Beer is pleased to announce that we are partnering with our friends at Christopher Media to produce a weekly craft beer themed podcast. Episodes will be released on Saturdays starting in September, 2015. The shows are hosted by J.R. , Uncle Pete, and Dougout from along with Chris from Christopher Media, who is eager to learn more about craft beer and brewing.  Beer Nuts will feature various craft beer topics including beer styles, breweries, home brewing, beer releases and current events in the craft beer world.  See list below for available downloads.


BEER NUTS #53: MVB 2016

BEER NUTS #52: Holiday Beers December 17, 2016

BEER NUTS #51: Mixed Nuts December 10, 2016

BEER NUTS #50: Anniversary Beers November 27, 2016

BEER NUTS #49: Sours November 19, 2016

BEER NUTS #48: Road Warriors 05 November 7, 2016

BEER NUTS #43: Southwest Michigan October 9, 2016

BEER NUTS #42: Chicagoland Beers October 2, 2016

BEER NUTS #41: Mixed Nuts 06 September 11, 2016

BEER NUTS #40: Cellar Raid 03 September 7 2016

BEER NUTS #39: Double IPAs August 29, 2016

BEER NUTS #38: Farmhouse Saisons August 22, 2016

BEER NUTS #37: Mixed Nuts 05 August 15, 2016

BEER NUTS #36: Road Warriors 04 August 8, 2016

BEER NUTS #35: Road Warriors 03 July 17, 2016

BEER NUTS #34: Three Floyd’s Brewing Co. July 10, 2016

BEER NUTS #33: Mixed Nuts 04 July 4, 2016

BEER NUTS #32: East Coast Beers June 26, 2016

BEER NUTS # 31: Cellar Raid 02 June 20, 2016

BEER NUTS #30: Wicked Weed Brewing June 12, 2016

BEER NUTS #29: Beer News June 5, 2016

ROAD WARRIORS #002 May 30, 2016

MIXED NUTS #03 May 15, 2016

CELLAR RAID #01 May 7, 2016

ROAD WARRIORS #001 April 30, 2016

BEER NUTS #28: Bell’s Brewery April 23, 2016

BEER NUTS #27: Coffee Beers April 16, 2016

BEER NUTS #26: Short’s Brewing March 26, 2016

BEER NUTS #25: Minnesota Beers March 19, 2016

BEER NUTS #24: St. Patrick’s Day March 12, 2016

BEER NUTS #23: Fruit Beers March 6, 2016

BEER NUTS #22: Brew Day: Winter Edition February 27, 2016

BEER NUTS #21: Traverse City, Michigan February 20, 2016

BEER NUTS #20: Valentine’s Day Beers February 13, 2016

BEER NUTS #19: Superb Owl Fidy February 6, 20

BEER NUTS #18: Dogfish Head January 30, 2016

BEER NUTS #17: Grand Rapids, Michigan January 23, 2016

BEER NUTS #16: Mixed Nuts #2 January 9, 2016

BEER NUTS #15: Mixed Nuts #1 January 2, 2016

BEER NUTS #14: Canadian Beers Boxing Day, December 26, 2015

BEER NUTS #13: Holiday Ales/Winter Warmers December 19, 2015

BEER NUTS #12: Scottish & Scotch Ales December 12, 2015

BEER NUTS #11: American Pale Ales December 5, 2015

BEER NUTS #10: Old Ales November 28, 2015

BEER NUTS #9: Brown Ales November 21, 2015

BEER NUTS #8: Ciders October 30, 2015

BEER NUTS #7: Porters October 23, 2015

BEER NUTS #6: Belgian Beers October 17, 2015

BEER NUTS #5: Autumn & Harvest Ales October 10, 2015

BEER NUTS #4: Barrel Aged Beers October 3, 2015

BEER NUTS #3: Oktoberfest September 26, 2015

BEER NUTS #2: Stouts September 19, 2015

BEER NUTS #1: IPAs  September 12, 2015

UNREGIMENTED #98: Michigan Beer Guy June 1, 2015



JOHN RUSS (“J.R.”) founded in 2013.  He has over 25 years of sales experience in the adult beverage industry and has represented beer, wine, and spirits brands at all levels of the three tier system.  John first entered the beer business working for a wholesaler during his college days at Penn State in 1983 before moving to the Washington, DC area in 1986.   J.R. spent the next 17 years in the beer, wine, and spirits business in Northern Virginia before relocating to Las Vegas in 2004.  After 8 years as a sales manager with Scottish & Newcastle and Heineken USA in the competitive Las Vegas market, J.R. relocated to Michigan and immediately developed a passion for the rich craft beer culture in the Mitten State.  He is an avid all-grain home brewer and active member of the Brewers Association, American Homebrewers Association, Downriver Brewers Guild, and a Michigan Brewers Guild Enthusiast member.  John’s consulting business, Marquis Brands, specializes in helping smaller independent craft beverage producers grow their brands.  J.R. is also an instructor at Schoolcraft College  where he teaches the Marketing and Operations Management course in the Brewing and Distillation Technology program.  He enjoys sharing his passion for craft beer, mead, and spirits and promoting the discovery of better beers with his craft beer and brewing friends, Uncle Pete and Dougout, who are the other “Beer Nuts” on the podcasts.

"Uncle Pete"
“Uncle Pete”

Hi everyone this is PETE JETT SR. (“Uncle Pete”) raising a pint of craft beer and toasting to all of you. I’m 54 and my earliest craft beer recollection is drinking Strohs Signature – had to be around 1980 or so. I consider it craft in hindsight as it had more of a fresh hop presence than regular Strohs. Disagree if you like but I really dug it. I’m a downriver Detroit Michigan native. ’84 graduate of Michigan Tech way up in Houghton in da U.P. Now there was a beer drinking college town. We loaded our soda pop vending machine in the basement of the frat house with longneck Blatz – you could get one out of the machine for 30 cents (we actually profited about 5 cents on every bottle!) but for cash strapped college guys it was worth every penny. Anyhow I soon got the itch to move on after graduation and ended up living with my brother Bob in the Sacramento CA area, and under his guidance I brewed my first homebrew. A Sierra Nevada pale ale clone (we actually used yeast obtained from Sierra Nevada brewery!). Instantly I was hooked. It’s been fun being part of the craft beer craze over the years and watching it grow – the best part is all the creative variety out there and it just keeps evolving. I recently joined the FORD homebrewers club and the Downriver Brewers Guild, where guys like me and the Michigan Beer Guy and a bunch of other homebrewing craft beer fanatics share our beers and help each other with feedback and tips and tricks of the trade. I invite all of you to join in on the fun, shoot me a line sometime lets talk about craft beer!


DOUG BULTHUIS (“Dugout”) met J.R. as  colleagues at Scottish & Newcastle in 2004.   Doug graduated in 1990 from the University of Wisconsin-Superior  and has previously  worked for Goose Island Brewing Co. and Chicago Beverage Systems before relocating to the Detroit area in 2012.  Doug is into home brewing and especially enjoys higher gravity stouts, porters, and hopped-up Imperial IPAs.

cm-media2CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH (“Chris”) joins the Beer Nuts as the producer and guinea pig who is eager to learn more about craft beer.  He is the founder and CEO of Christopher Media.  With each episode, his palate is advancing towards craft and away from macro.  We are delighted to bring him along slowly and aid in his discovery!


Christopher Media specializes in producing quality podcasts featuring a wide variety of shows and topics.  Visit to view the entire list of shows available for download.


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  1. Very enjoyable coverage of one of my favorite beverages. Good pace and interaction, reminds me of the guys from Saturday night talking about ‘DA BEARS, but here, it’s DA BEER. I got ta get out there and find some of that Shorts Sticky Icky Icky. Keep up the good work. Need a few pics / photos of the beer professors. Uncle Pete, hops are ready if you want em Cheers.

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