2014 Mitten Madness Brewery Brackets


Time to have a little fun with March Madness in the Mitten State! 64 Michigan breweries have qualified for the field and each one has been randomly assigned a team in the Men’s NCAA Tournament. See how far your favorite Michigan brewery advances! We’ll be doing feature stories on the breweries that make it to the Elite 8 here at MichiganBeerGuy.com. We’ll also be planning a summer beer excursion to each of the breweries in the Final Four, with the Grand Finale party to be hosted at the tasting room of the winning brewery! Follow us on Twitter @MichiganBeerGuy.

What did it take to for the breweries to qualify for the tournament? Breweries already following us on Twitter received automatic bids. Breweries that are known to have packaged goods available for sale at retail in Michigan received at-large bids. Remaining breweries were selected randomly from Michigan’s Best Beer Guide by Kevin Revolinski. I highly recommend this book and it even includes discounted beer offers at several breweries. Worth its weight in barley and hops for sure! All seeding was completely random, this is all for amusement only and no breweries were given preferential treatment with bracket placement.

Good luck to all our Michigan brewery friends. Now, let’s all go enjoy a Michigan beer, and let the games begin!

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